How Can i Start Affiliate Marketing With no Money

In this blog, I’m going to share how you can get started to make money with affiliate marketing from scratch with no money whatsoever and no website. If right now you don’t have any money to start a business with and you’re looking for ways to make money online, affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies out there for that I’m going to share with you a straightforward procedure. 

A great advantage for you to start your business the right way you can often move faster, you can get tools and things that can help you accelerate your growth and your business to make money from it, but let’s assume that you have no money. 

What is Affiliate marketing: As we all know, the process of obtaining commissions through the promotion of other people’s products or services, so millions of products and services can be sold through the Internet, but most of them have so-called membership programs, which means you can get it for free Joining, you can promote their products and sales to them, which will provide a commission for each sale you create, depending on the product, and the commission structure is different.

For example: in many cases, like online courses or training programs, they will give you a 30% or 50% commission for this. If someone sells a specific product (for example, about five hundred dollars), then you The second sale can earn a commission of $150. Well, if this is a physical product, then it will basically increase indirect costs and reduce profits, so you will not get a high commission for physical products, which may be 5% or 15%.

Where can we get more Commission?

Physical versus digital products, but there’s less Commission that you can make with it; it depends on the company and the affiliate program how they set it up and what Commission they want to give. You could be an affiliate for them, and you could promote them, so, for example, this laptop that I’m using this on right now is a Dell “Lattitude E7240”.

Well, I can promote this laptop and earn a commission from every transaction, because some websites have membership programs, including Amazon. Product promotion I mean, digital products include Clickbank,, and many others.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing without Money

We all know that one must have an excellent blog or website to start as an affiliate. Creating a separate website or blog can be expensive because you may have to invest in it, but what if you don’t have a website or blog? Does this mean you can’t be an affiliate? Not at all, even if you don’t have the money, you can be as good as any blogger. All you need is an opportunity so that you can earn money online as a marketing partner. But the problem is how?

If you do not have money, then it does not matter.

Money is usually the key to starting a business; in this case, the marketing partner is a blog or website. But even if you don’t have money, you can become one, because there are many ways to do it.

Make your presence on social media.

These all social media are free you don’t have to pay money to use them I mean how cool is that hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people using these platforms every day, can leverage to reach and build an audience and attract you and then promote and share products that can benefit them as an affiliate.

All these social networks are free; you can use them without paying, I mean, it’s cool Millions of people use these platforms every day. You can do this by posting affiliate links in your posts, updates, profiles, etc. Such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat, podcast, and other social networks.

They can find your review; they can see your video; they can finally use it. And finally, click on your affiliate link to buy in this case you will get a commission. YouTube is excellent for Facebook, as well. You can create your own Facebook group community around a specific theme or niche market and attract people. To the fact that you can create content on Instagram, take photos and videos, and use tags to link them Post on Instagram to attract people and attract them.

Other platforms (such as this platform) can use your online blog for free. You can create articles and blog posts to review products and share your experience with them. And learn some search engine optimization, maybe you can organize and target certain vital factors. Improve their phrases and attract people, and then you will promote and share what is right for them. So this is a straightforward process, and this can only be attributed to creating content for the specific products people are looking for and establishing a membership plan for you. You can join and earn commissions; more people will get more traffic.

This is the fundamental way to get started, start publishing content that doesn’t cost you money, and that part of the time corresponding to this might get you although at first, sometimes.

You will be surprised when you start having some income. But the most important thing is to learn the experience you gain is always the best teacher, so by the time you start creating content and start exploring it, and learn some of that material. 

Affiliate marketing is good because you do not need to invest the money you know Marketing, creating products and services and everything you share with others and earn commissions, so this is the best and easiest way to get started

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