20 Best Marketing Automation Software : Automate The Manual Tasks

A marketing automation software can propel your business growth and enhance the efficiency of your regular tasks. Read this blog to know more about the marketing automation software, its benefits and best of the marketing automation software you can adapt.

With the dawn of the digital marketing arenas, the scope of expanding your business has grown on one hand. Still, simultaneously, many tasks have been increased, such as fetching the visitors’ attention through your website, catching leads, tracking their actions, and attaining conversions at a faster rate. Amidst all this, one needs to be effective in all the tasks, but if you are just a start-up, you might be thinking of cutting down recurring costs on the manual labor force.

A marketing automation software comes as a rescue for your manual and repetitive tasks. Before we head towards the features of a marketing automation software, let us first define marketing automation software in simple words :

“A marketing automation software is a platform which is designed to enable marketers to fetch the leads, enhance the marketing efficiency, moving the leads through the sales funnel and tracking the overall performance of your campaigns.”

It is merely the basic definition of marketing automation software; it encompasses many more powerful features to achieve your goals.

Features of Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation has now become the most popular term for companies who want to enhance their brand’s online visibility. It is a programmed software platform to turn your sale leads into satisfied and then loyal customers. 

Below are the key features a marketing automation software entails :

  • Generate and manage leads: The first step towards enhancing your sales is to capture the leads. Marketing automation software lets you create segments for prospects. You can also respond to the inbound enquiries of the prospects automatically.  Connect internally with the salespeople and specific queries and update the sales lead data.
  • Reports and analytics: Measure your campaigns’ effectiveness and know the qualified leads to focus more on them. Choose a great marketing automation platform which generates reports in real-time. A real-time insight can help you connect with the fresh leads.
  • Social media marketing: Reach out to the prospects and customers through email and social media platforms. Send automated campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and linked-in. You can automate the campaigns across all channels from one integrated platform. There is no need to switch from one tool to another.
  • Lead scoring: Lead generation and lead scoring are two different concepts. Lead scoring is to engage the leads who have shown a high interest in buying your products or services. You can integrate the scores with the CRM database to attain the highly qualified leads.

As per a survey conducted, Marketing automation software can increase your sales by more than 15 percent and decrease the marketing overheads on the same rates.

What all you can perform with the help of a marketing automation software :

  • TRACK CUSTOMERS: Track the interactions of the customers across all channels. Know them at a deeper level. Be with them at every step of their journey right from introducing the brand to retaining them.
  • EMAIL MARKETING : Enhance the process of email marketing, automate the creation and sending of emails. Track the email campaign analytics to know user engagement.
  • ENGAGE LEADS: Engage the leads with personalized content based on the pages he clicks upon and their website’s actions.
  • MEASURE ROI: Nurture the potential buyers, whether you are into B2B marketing or B2C marketing, you can manage the leads’ lifecycle and retain them. Measure the revenues and strengthen relationships with customers.
  •  TEST VARIABLES: You can test variables for your landing pages, email messages to engage users with the best content.
  • CROSS -SELL: You can automate the process of cross-selling and up-selling with an email sequence once the user has purchased the product. You can further engage him with a complementary product and a discounted offer.

Above are the potentialities of a marketing automation software with which you can create powerful marketing strategies. 

Besides improving the ROI for your business, one of the significant benefits of automation is to reduce the costs you would incur on the manual labour force.

What Are The 20 Best Marketing Automation Software?

Till now, you must be aware of the importance of marketing automation software to gear up the different marketing processes and strengthen your business’s foundation. 

Apart from tracking the individual users, filtering leads based on their interests and engagement levels and figuring out the revenues for the marketing campaigns. A bigger question that can strike your head is to choose the right marketing automation platform for your business. If you are still confused about where shall you invest, then read further to decide.

Below are some of the best marketing automation tools you can vouch for, to speed up the customer engagement levels :

1. NotifyVisitors Web Push

From engaging your customers to collecting their feedback and measuring your productivity, NotifyVisitors provides all the necessary automation tools that can simplify your day-to-day routine tasks. You can also know how effective your marketing strategies are, including optimizing your conversion rates and other key metrics.

Web push notifications give you the benefits of engaging and re-engaging subscribers via compelling messages (push messages) without collecting any information. You can send them to a subscribers’ browser, and they will receive them later when they open the browser.

Some of the benefits of Web Push Notifications :

  • You can schedule the relevant messages at a specific time.
  • Add personalization to the messages to engage the subscribers better.
  • Schedule the notifications as per the time-zone of the subscribers. Engage them when they are active online.

2. NotifyVisitors Email & SMS

Email and SMS marketing is the most primitive method to capture leads and nurture them further. With NotifyVisitors marketing automation software, you can change your perception of nurturing the leads. You can now automate the email and SMS campaigns to save up your time.

Now create segments for your email contacts based on the age, location and other demographic factors. Begin engaging them with newsletters and autoresponder series. Welcome your subscribers and be with them at each of their stepping stones till they convert and retain with you. 

Benefits of automated email and SMS campaigns :

  • Send the Email and SMS autoresponder series as soon as the user acts whether they are a new subscriber or purchased a product. Show them gratitude with the mails.
  • Retain existing customers and create new ones by sending appealing and receptive mails.
  • Determine a goal for your email and SMS autoresponders and further engage your subscribers as per those goals.

3. NotifyVisitors AB Testing

“Be the best version of yourself, this is not just a quote, but it applies in the customer engagement journey too. Now you can ab test different web pages variables and present the optimized version of the webpage in front of the audience. The goal is to attain the conversions. 

Create multiple variants for your webpage, and you can optimize the content, images and other elements of the webpage. Divide the traffic and send the variations to that divided ratio to know which one of the variations performs better. Present the winning variant to the remaining audience.NotifyVisitors AB testing software enables you to optimize your website conversion rate.

Benefits of AB testing marketing automation software :

  • Create new ab testing ideas and experiment with them to make changes on your website.
  • Get real-time AB testing analytics to improve the Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • Create unlimited campaigns and variations within a few minutes.

4. NotifyVisitors Personalisation :

Personalization is an integral part of any engaging marketing strategies or campaigns. It becomes much easier to target users when you are aware of their interests and beliefs. Segment them and create a personalized message to get more conversions. Your audience loves to receive personalized content when they see you addressing them by their names.

Benefits of Personalization:

  • Create groups or segments based on multiple factors such as cookies, geofencing rules, new vs returning users. Engage them accordingly.
  • You can also engage the segments with personalized content for both the campaign and variation based targeting. That means you can add personalization to your ab testing campaigns and attain the conversion rates.

5. NotifyVisitors Funnel :

 A funnel displays the paths a user takes before he finally gets converted into a customer. It lets you know what actions your customers are performing on your website. You can figure out whether they are meeting your goals or not. 

They define various stages a customer undergoes before he finally purchases the product. At every step, you can analyze a prospect’s behaviour until he eventually gets converted into a customer. 

Benefits of the funnel :

  • You can track your customer’s journey through funnel analytics, right from arriving on your brand’s property, to performing the action you want.
  • Funnels can point to the stages where the maximum number of customers drop off. 
  • Funnel analytics offers an engaging visual representation of the performance of your campaign in every stage. Further, you can analyze each thread authentically.

6. PeppyBiz lead generation :

PeppyBiz is the ideal solution for all your Business scenarios. It lets you turn up all your visitors into loyal customers with its dynamic software solutions. PeppyBiz provides powerful automation solutions to reduce your workload in updating data, turning leads into conversions, and sending notifications from fetching visitors’ attention to capturing leads, nurturing them to resolve customer queries to create their unique user profile to different teams.

It is a compact solution for all your manual tasks. PeppyBiz lead generation feature allows you to create lead forms as per your requirements. Create captivating landforms on the go and integrate lead forms with proficient tools such as CRM.

Benefits :

  • Now you do not have to bother about evaluating the insights of lead forms manually. They will be recorded in PDF format so you can recheck them whenever you need them.
  • AB test your lead forms to optimize them and get the best results.

7.PeppyBiz Email Marketing :

Sending emails manually has now become obsolete and outdated. Right from creating catchy email campaigns to following your leads is now easy with PeppyBiz. Create responsive emails in minutes and engage your subscribers with the effective newsletter. Follow them up through autoresponders.

Nudge the users to take action through automated mails and pull them back to your website. Engage your most targeted recipient groups or segments with the right emails and maximize the engagement rates.

8. PeppyBiz Autoresponder

Autoresponders are the sequential series to nurture prospects and turn them into customers. With PeppyBiz, you can create autoresponders simply by using different layouts and themes. Also, you can customize the autoresponders as per your requirements.

Gather all the relevant information about the users’ events and create campaigns to promote your brand in a specific area. You can schedule them beforehand to win over your competitors. Encourage your sales representatives to target the market effectively via promotional emails.

Benefits :

  • Schedule the autoresponders for a specific time-intervals along with the personalized content. 
  • Automate the sales process and get notified about the number of email clicks you are getting. You may know when the subscriber clicks on your email links.

9. PeppyBiz Workflow Builder

Create an easy path for your prospects to enable them to pass all the obstacles. A smooth flow can make your prospect turn into customers within a few clicks. You can track the actions of the visitors on your website and engage them with different content. For example -You can send him an e-book via email as soon as he subscribes to your services. Further, track his actions on the landing page and engage him with different pricing deals.

You can automate all the processes right from creating drip campaigns to the predefined template to sending triggered emails. You may develop inter-connected workflows to trigger leads to take on multiple paths. Nurture them so that they can finally convert. Turn the complex business processes into an easier one.

10. PeppyBiz Marketing Reports 

Marketing reports gives you substantial insights into the analytics of marketing campaigns. It is a complex task to manage and maintain the reports, but if you view all of the reports under one integrated platform. Half of your tasks are already done.

Analyze your leads and engage them better by taking effective decisions before creating any marketing strategies and campaigns. Also, you can view all the reports in the graphical or pie-chart form. 

Benefits :

  • You can schedule and send automated reports to other team members to improve the levels of communication.
  • Send your team members business updates and discuss with them regarding the further steps.

11. Omnisend

Omnisend marketing automation software gives you a panoramic experience and what sets their tools apart from others is the omnichannel functionality. You can add various channels to the automation workflow such as Emil, SMS, push notifications, Facebook Messenger, and many more. 

You can automate the messages on the channels the customers have opted for. It saves so much of your time in creating campaigns to send them to different channels. Create campaigns with drag and drop builder, imply the targeting rules and automate them.

Benefits :

Omnichannel offers you a basic free plan for email marketing.

12. Customer.io :

The price range for this marketing software depends upon the features of a specific tool. The software is designed explicitly for subscription-based businesses. One can engage their customers throughout their lifecycle. You may get the benefits of seamless integrations, but you can create segments based on filtered data. Create automated segments to create different email campaigns based on the segments.

13. Leadsquared

The main focus of this marketing automation software is on nurturing the leads as the name implies. You can move the leads quickly through the sales funnel and fetch more new customers. Automate all the drip marketing campaigns by setting the relevant conditions as per the triggers and the leads’ actions. Push your leads towards making a purchase.

Benefits :

  • Manage leads through tracking them and qualifying them. Assign them scores and work on them accordingly.

14. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the most effective email marketing automation tools. You can build more customized user journeys, such as create relevant email content based on factors determining your customers. Simultaneously, interact with them by targeting them at the right time.

Send the customers transactional emails based on the purchasing activities of the customers using Mailchimp’s API. It is an apt tool for your e-commerce business. Connect your e-commerce platform to Mailchimp and target your messages based on the customers’ purchasing behaviour.

15. WebEngage

WebEngage is a customer data platform and a marketing automation software tool to engage and retain customers for a longer time. You can send contextual and personalized engagement campaigns across multiple platforms and channels. The best part of WebEngage is, it serves numerous industries worldwide such as E-commerce, food tech, Gaming and Healthcare.

Benefits :

  • WebEngage has enormous capabilities in engaging and reengaging them through powerful features. If a user does not respond to a push notification, you send to him, you can immediately reengage him with email campaigns.

16. Clevertap

Clevertap helps you explicitly in engaging your customers across mobile devices. That is how it is one of the proficient marketing automation tools. You do not have to create segments manually; you can automate users’ segmentation and send campaigns based on the users’ activity.

Simultaneously, you can set up campaigns across multiple platforms based on users activities and create their journeys. Furthermore, you can view the real-time campaign results under one integrated platform.


ActiveCampaign might not be a good tool for the beginners, but you can definitely vouch for it if you are an already established business. It is a flexible and robust marketing automation functionality. One of the most popular features of this marketing automation software 

you can organize all the customer data at one place. 

Benefits :

  • Apart from grouping your contacts on the basis of location, age and other factors. You can access the contacts, send emails, check tasks and update deals.

18. Zoho

Create different engagement strategies using drag and drop workflow builder. You can build an email journey for customers using Zoho’s customizable workflow templates. Zoho automation tools help in transcending your goals into reality. Make a strategy, devise an action plan and send customized and triggered messages to the customers.

Create different email autoresponders to follow up your contacts at the right time. You can engage users or customers with a welcome email series, promotional emails etc., at a predetermined date and time.

Benefits :

Automate the email series across various touch points to influence the decisions of the customers. You can embed social media links and other platforms within an email and reach out to your audience anytime and anywhere.

19.Hubspot :

Hubspot is different from other marketing automation tools. First of all, it focuses on inbound marketing. Simultaneously, it offers an added advantage with the sales and service hub. In turn, it enhances your team’s efficiency, you can better work together by automating communication across several departments apart from automating business workflows. 


It is great for large-size enterprises and sustains your business growth with promising automation features.

20. Pardot

Pardot gives you powerful automation tools to run your organization in the right direction. Your sales and marketing teams can together achieve the goals. The tools are specifically designed for the needs and requirements of B2B marketers.

Pardot automates the common marketing tasks such as tracking customer behaviour, creating campaigns, social media marketing, lead generation, and personalizing a web page. Create effective email drip campaigns, manage leads by nurturing them and segment campaigns. Along with all of it, you can track analytics such as ROI.

By now, you must be well-known with the multiple options for marketing automation software. You can now opt for the right one as per your requirements and needs.  


If you want to stand yourself apart from the competitors, you have to focus on achieving your goals and objectives. You can undoubtedly achieve them efficiently and effectively by automating the marketing and sales processes with the best Marketing automation tools.

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