Web Push Notifications To Push Your Brand

If you are thinking of just putting up an ad online for your business or service, think twice!!

Online visitors often find their visual space crowded with unnecessary advertisements that interfere with their browsing experience. They loath the interruptions so much that they start disliking the brand that consumes their screen space. So all your investments in getting an ad up there end up impacting your prospective customer negatively. If he or she even falls into the category in the first place!

So what is the solution? How do you get your brand noticed and business updates to new or old visitors without driving them away?

Well, the answer is Web push notifications or rather Web push notifications. 

You must be wondering, what exactly is that? And, how can it possibly get your product or service info to your users? And how can it add to conversions?

To understand that, first, let’s look into what Web push notifications are.

What is Web push notifications?

Say when online surfers visit your site. Your site puts up a form to ask the visitors whether they would like to be updated on your brand’s product development, sales, schemes, etc. You are offering them a subscription for receiving web push notifications.

The visitors who do will click yes. And Voila! Your brand has found prospective customers. The visitors start receiving product-related messages sent from your website on their desktop or mobile as soon as they are opt-in to receive web push notifications.

These messages are like alert messages that slip into the desktop screen’s top or bottom right as per the user’s operating system. They appear on the mobiles similar to those delivered from apps. Now you have an effective online method that will notify the visitors of your product sales, update, features, or tips. So your web push notifications, preferably your web push notification dot com as they are generated from your product or business website, start updating people and get them more interested in your brand.

When will the visitor get notified of your product update?

Automatically, whenever your product or service has new updates. The users needn’t visit any particular site to receive these messages. These messages appear on their desktop or mobile screen.

A Powerful Relevant Method of Keeping Customers Tuned-In 

The web push messages is a powerful tool that connects business owners with their visitors. Since the visitors have subscribed to your product notification, they are happy to receive updates from your business. And what’s more, they only get notified on the subject of their interest. We offer features on the subscription page that the users can check to select. So they only get the updates of their parts. We keep your brand integrity while getting conversions for you.

Useful Application of Omnichannel Marketing and Personalized Messages

Web notifications add a great deal to the omnichannel marketing of your products or services. They ensure that your brand messages are delivered at the right time to the right people and remain consistent through all the marketing channels.

The customers enjoy a unified shopping experience whether they shop online from a mobile device, desktop, or in a brick-and-mortar store or via phone. The experience will be unified.

Stating web push notification examples say a user interested in shoes will get notified through the web browser on the desktop and the phone about an upcoming summer collection.

Stating more web push notification examples, another customer who has been searching for dresses gets a message from your brand store, notifying her of a discount of 20%. This message is personalized as it addresses her by her name and discount with an organic promo and adds a dynamic image of the type of dress that she was surfing recently.

The effect in Kate’s scenario was triggered by designing a personalized journey on Journey Builder that is a Journey Designer for the potential customer. The web engagement, including the clicks, sale, buy, and register, enables to lay the track for the potential buyer based on their current and previous behavior. So it is no coincidence that Kate receives a notification on a 20% discount on dresses as that is what she was surfing the net for earlier.

Journey Builder allows you to layout and implements a plan through the following process:

  • Look for customer action
  • Analyze each step
  • Connect the customer experience
  • Automate the customer journey

Journey Builder is an easy-to-use visual drag-and-drop editor to design your customer’s journey. You can create a marketing journey that will get visitors, engage them, and visually retain them. Our NotifyVisitors Journey Builder is the simplest way to create, visualize, and organize your marketing journey campaigns. It includes features as:

Personalized Push allows you to talk to your visitors on your website in a more personalized way, as in Kate’s example. Personalized Push can increase the CTR four times. The customers enjoy the Personal Push as they get relevant information addressed solely to them and their needs.

Support for AMPor Accelerated Mobile Pages is a Google powered source project that helps create mobile friendly and optimized web pages that load instantly. They help to send push notifications and increase subscribers list without a glitch.

Segmentation and Targeting together allow us to get better results from the push notification. You can send relevant notifications to users based on their:

  • On-Site Behavior
  • Information They Have Filled In
  • Geo Location
  • Browser
  • Devices
  • Subscription Period

So now, there remains no mystery as to how the Web Push Notifications with the aid of the push notification apps can increase your business multifold? 

Journey Builder helps you to track your prospects and customers. Further, it allows you to get to know them better, enabling you to send the right notifications at the right time, automatically!

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