What is Referral Program

Although marketing strategies for businesses are meant to generate leads and sales, the company can earn more and more profit. A Referral program is one of those marketing strategies that drive new customers to your business with your existing ones (customer).

However, it is a cost-effective solution that employs and its customer as your brand promoter to attract the visitors. It is a strategy that involves customers to share their experiences on an online platform for other customers to promote the business product or service.

And as a reward for promotion, the customers are offered certain benefits in discounts, offers, etc. However, word of the mouth effectively makes profits of about 20% to 50% of purchasing decisions. In this digital era referral program is another cost-effective marketing solution for brands.

Referral links

It is the URL shared by a customer to the audiences in order to promote the brand product. The link is shared with all the customers whoever are enrolled or shows interest towards the referral campaigns.

Referral code

The code is specific to every customer while referral link is general for all customers. It is a unique code that specifies the link of every customer having the same URL.

Referral software

This software helps to track your customer’s purchasing behaviour towards an item or links follows by the visitors to drive marketing strategies as per the data obtained.

The ultimate goal of employing any marketing strategy is to increase the conversion rate and generate more profit for the organization.

The program like notifyvisitors.com and invitereferrals.com have been working in the field of referral marketing it has benefitted various renowned organizations like healthkart, clubmahindra, lal Pathlabs, Kotak securities,

Referral program software offers a digital platform to track customer purchasing behaviour. The customer send invites to their friends and get rewarded from the brand.

The software keeps track of every bit of information about visitor’s behavior at the website. When your referral leads to enhancing conversion rate, a customer gets rewarded.

It is the most trusted and authentic way of brand marketing promotion. Brand happy customers share word of mouth to their friends and other visitors in the most authentic ways and provide experiences with products to enhance brand reputation and encourage visitors to make a purchase.

It provides a quick access to the customer behaviours. Invitereferral, a referral program software keep a track of the customer behaviour at the website, which product is most liked and which features is most searched and what the customer is searching for.

These data helps in finding a more user friendly website and highlighting special features and integrating more points to the website.

For an organization using the referral program it must involves the processes like analytics and tracking system. The software tracks the number of clicks and shares happened from a referral. Analytics helps to find the source of the customers from where they are coming from.

Referral program design

The referral program should be attractive and customer oriented so that it makes the conversion rate high. The design of the referral should be user friendly and enables user to browse the website with ease and comfort. The headlines of the program should be catchy like

  • Share and win
  • Referrals get the reward from brand

It helps to attract referral and produce more rewards.


It also plays a significant role in referral program. The rewards should be useful for customer. It bring customers to make more shares and referral to their friends and earn more rewards. Rewards could be in form of cash, gift cards, points, a product, free membership, coupons, etc.

referral rewards

Now, time is to decide the awardee, whom to give the reward. It can be given to the customer, it can be given to the referral or both can be rewarded. It depends on the brand which is beneficial and which suits their budget. Sometimes no rewards are provided to any of the customer.  

Referrer also gets rewarded on new registration, installing apps like mobile applications, sales, and others.

Various means of Referral marketing

Reviews are a great way of creating referral. Customer reviews are more authentic and trusted by other visitors. Thus, it creates a significant form of referral marketing and strategies.

Word of mouth

word of mouth

It is an amazing way of brand promotion. Customer word of mouth creates wonder for businesses; it produces a significant referral for the brand to enhance the conversion rate. Customer shares their first hand experience with other visitors about a product.

Now the final question arises how to start a referral program

It is not required that the referral comes only from your customer it can be from customer, friends, family member or from a celebrity. Nowadays, celebrity endorsement is very fruitful and result in generation of large amount of revenue for the brands.

It is one of the underutilized marketing strategies for brand promotion. However, employing the referral marketing campaigns boost the brand value and creates brand awareness among the audiences.

Even it doesn’t require lots of money to invest in. It is simple marketing strategy where a customer plays the role of brand ambassador and share word of mouth to the audiences to generate leads and enhance conversion rates.

The program should be designed to attract all customers with varying regions and make them analyze product on online platform with the help of reviews and word of mouth from the customers.

Whether you run a small business or big organization, referral program software is for all. Give it a try and experience its benefits with others.

Referral program can be promoted on several online platforms like website homepage, customer email. Online channels like blog, newsletter, face book, twitter, LinkedIn, PR generation and other social networks helps to reach the referral program to the customer and benefits the organization.

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