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What is a backlink checker?

If you're new to SEO and link building, it's critical that you understand backlinks. They're also referred to as "incoming links" or "inbound connections."

Simply said, a backlink occurs when one website publishes material that includes a link to another website. This is common on news websites, but any blog or online page can connect to another URL.

If The New York Times published an article on the top doughnut shops in Brooklyn and then provided links to each of the featured shops, it would be an example of a backlink.

Product reviews, educational blogs, and partnership web pages can all be used in the same way. Any piece of content may have backlinks added to it! Backlinks are similar to a direct recommendation from a reputable source to a website of interest.


Why Are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks are beneficial to any online business since they act as a vote of confidence. By employing a backlink, other websites might endorse your company.

As more internet visitors are brought to your site, Google will reward you for obtaining high-quality backlinks, and your referral traffic will begin to expand.

Although little is known about the Google algorithm, backlinks are clearly one of the most significant ranking criteria. They are the most difficult to obtain, but they provide a considerable SEO boost.

Backlinks should be part of your overall SEO plan if your website is fresh or if you want to improve your SEO. Begin by locating high-performing keywords, creating additional content, and optimising your sites, but keep backlinks as a long-term objective.


How to use the Free Backlink Checker Tool

Simply enter the URL of your website (or any other domain) for your backlink research into the Free Backlink Checker Tool.


You'll find out:


  • The most effective backlinks pointing to your website

  • The total amount of backlinks that point to your site.

  • The total number of different referring domains that link to your site.

  • The total Trust Flow and Citation Flow scores of your website


For each backlink, you'll see the following information:


  • Citation and Trust Flow The connected website's flow

  • Status of backlinks (follow or nofollow)

  • URL of the website that has the backlink

  • The URL of the page on your site to which the backlink points

  • The text in which your backlink is inserted is called anchor text.