What is Heatmap? Why you should be using it?

When it comes to analytics, lots of software are available in the market, and it could be challenging to select one from them because they all have their benefits.

Among all these software, there is Heatmap, which tracks your customer’s time looking, clicking, and going through various sections of your site. Heatmap is data visualization software that uses colors to show how users are interacting with the site. So let’s get started with knowing more about it and why you should be using it?

How does Heatmap work?

Heat mapping uses various technics to showcase user interaction on your site using colors. It highlights that section of pages that gets the most attention of your customer. Some most commonly used Heatmap types are:

  • Scroll maps- It shows how much content is available without scrolling and how much your customer is scrolling beyond it before they leave your site
  • Hover mapping- It shows where people are likely to hover their cursors on the web page.
  • Click mapping-It predicts where people are likely to click when they read your page
  • Attention mapping-It displays which part of the page get the most attention

Why should you be using Heat mapping?

When it comes to heat mapping, there are lots of benefits to using them. So let’s discuss some of these benefits:

Let’s you know is your customer seeing important content.

Content is an essential part of any business’s digital marketing, but it will be wasted if your customer is not seeing it or scrolling down. A scroll map can help you show how far your customer is scrolling before they leave your page. Look at the percentage of people who are looking at your important content. This can guide you in redesigning your web page and let your visitors see your content.

Through the click mapping option in Heatmap software, you can whether your customers are clicking on your essential links, buttons, and CTA’S. These elements are essential, and you can use the information provided by the map to redesign these elements so you can get better results.

Is your customer getting distracted?

The customer’s attention is significant if you want your customer to stay on your site and perform your desired action. Using the move Heatmap option, you can know whether the customers are hovering over the overall page and ignoring essential elements, links, and CTA’S. This will help you to remove unnecessary content and let the vital component get the show light they deserve

Compare scroll maps of different devices on the same page.

Using Heatmap, we can compare the scroll map of different devices to see which devices are being used by the customer to consume your site’s content. This information can be used as a guide to improving the user experience of your customer based upon the devices they are using.

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