PNG Full Form

What is the full form PNG?

The Full of PNG is Portable Graphics Format. It is the most widely used uncompressed bitmap format on the Internet.The PNG file format is open and has no copyright restrictions.

Like GIF, PNG can also display a transparent background. In addition, PNG files can contain 24-bit RGB palettes and grayscale images. Basically, this image format is designed to transfer photos online.

A notable feature of PNG is its support for transparency. For color and gray scale images, the pixels in the PNG file can be transparent. This allows you to create an image that completely overlaps the content of the image or website.

PNG files use PNG or png file extension and set to MIME/png image media type. PNG was released in 1997, refer to RFC2083. It became ISO/IEC 15948 in March 2004.

In which version of Windows we can open the PNG image. ?

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 9
  • Windows 8

Benefits of PNG

  • PNG Supports diverse patterns and Colors
  • PNG helps to make comics, drawings, diagrams, logo creation, blueprints, graphics, etc.
  • With PNG, you can erase text such as letters, magazines, etc.

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