Getresponse Review: Is it worthy of investing in the Getresponse email marketing tool?

What is Getresponse?

Getresponse is an email marketing app that allows users to:

  • Build a mailing list and capture data onto it
  • Design newsletters that can be shared with the subscribers on your mailing list
  • Automate your emails to supporters by using ‘autoresponders.’
  • Observe and analyze statistics associated with your email marketing campaigns – open rate, click-through, forwards, etc.

Recently, Getresponse has considerably moved its emphasis: the product now intends to be one of the best one-stop marketing solution platforms rather than just an email marketing tool.

 Getresponse not only provides email marketing solutions but now also offers e-commerce features, webinar hosting, landing pages, and automated sales funnels.

It has recently launched some new features, including webinar hosting, whose purpose is to make it more of an ‘all in one’ marketing platform.

If we talk about Getresponse history, it was launched in 1998, and as per their statistics, more than 350,000 individuals and companies now use the platform for their email marketing.

However, their customer base is not as large as other email marketing solution providers. Still, it is a reliable solution.

Let’s talk about 

Getresponse pricing

 Four Getresponse plans are available:

  • Basic — starting at $15/monthly to send an unlimited number of emails to up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Plus — starting at $49/monthly for up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Professional — starting at $99/monthly for up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Max — negotiable.

As the number of subscribers increases, its costs also increase. At the top end of the scale, users are expected to pay $450, $499, or $580/monthly to host a list with 100,000 subscribers on the ‘Basic,’ ‘Plus’ and ‘Professional’ plans.

About the “Max” plan, accurate pricing depends on terms and list size — if users are interested in this plan, they need to schedule a demo with Getresponse and discuss the terms and pricing as per the need. Even great discounts are available if users pay upfront for 12 or 24 months of service (18% and 30%, respectively).

Apart from paid plans, a 30-day free trial is also available.

Key features of Getresponse

In Getresponse, one of the most extensive features is available.

Getresponse offers all the major features that every user expects from an email marketing platform — list hosting, templates, autoresponders, analytics, etc.

Let’s move forward to learn more about it.


Autoresponders are e-newsletters that are shared with the subscribers at periods of your choice.

Users can send either time-based or action-based messages; time-based options comprise cycles like setting the best time so that prospect opens the newsletter or action-based messages can be triggered by user actions or information, for example:

  • opens
  • clicks
  • subscriptions to particular lists
  • changes in contact preferences
  • completed transactions / goals
  • birthdays
  • changes in user data

Marketing automation

Recently Getresponse has launched the updated version of their new autoresponder functionality, named ‘Marketing Automation.’

Marketing Automation enables users to build automation workflows using a drag and drop builder.

 Users can set up an ‘automation flowchart’ that guides Getresponse what to do if a user initiates a particular offer, clicks on a certain link, etc.

Responsive email designs

Getresponse both old and new templates are responsive, indicating they adapt automatically to accommodate the device on which an e-newsletter is being opened on — mobile, tablet, desktop computer, etc. A preview function is there to check how your newsletter will look on each device.


Getresponse provides a wide range of analytics and reporting features. Users will get the basics like open rate, click-through, unsubscribe rates, and so on.

Apart from that, some additional reporting features are worth mentioning like one-click segmentation, metrics over time, email ROI, per-user information, and 

e-newsletter performance comparison.

Web fonts in Getresponse

The new Getresponse email creator lets you make extensive use of web fonts — an extensive range of Google Fonts can be used in user e-newsletters.

It will enable users to design newsletters which suit their brand very closely. A vast range of web fonts is accessible in Getresponse’s new email creator.

Split testing

Split testing includes sending variants of your e-newsletters to some of the people on your mailing list, observing each performance, and forwarding the ‘most genuine’ version to your list’s remainder. Traditionally, Getresponse provides better functionality than better provided by several competitors.

It empowers users to split tests up to five different messages against each other (using subject header, from field, content, and send time as variables). 

Unhappily, this split testing feature has currently been reduced in functionality in the new Getresponse templates — users can still test up to 5 variants of your information but only using different subject headers.

Landing page creator

Getresponse’s Landing Page Creator is useful, but you need to be on one of the more expensive plans to get the fully-featured version.

Getresponse landing page functionality is available for all plans. Given that leading landing page tools Unbounce and Instapage cost a minimum of $99 and $199 per month, there are considerable savings to be made here.

Conversion funnels

Getresponse recently launched a new ‘conversion funnel’ feature, and it renders a departure for the product. Therefore, it leads to make Getresponse an email marketing platform into something that users can utilize to operate an e-commerce business.

It offers you a feature where users can do the following things without leaving the Getresponse:

  • Design a product catalog
  • Build and run Facebook ad campaigns
  • Build landing pages
  • Add subscribers to an autoresponder cycle
  • Pull users towards sales pages (also created in Getresponse)
  • Take payment for products
  • Send deserted cart emails if needed

Getresponse aims to provide its users with an easy means to build sales funnels without any other app requirements.

You can access this feature on all plans – although the version available on the ‘Basic’ plan only allows you to create one funnel.

It doesn’t allow users to use the deserted cart recovery feature (which automatically emails people who added an item to their cart only to finish their purchase).

Data management and deliverability

Opt-in processes

Users can apply two methods to add subscribers to a mailing list — they can employ a ‘single opt-in’ or a ‘double opt-in’ process.

If you use a single opt-in process, the person signing up to your mailing list is joined to your mailing list when they hit the submit button on your sign up form.

With a double opt-in process, the person signing up to your list is sent an email carrying a confirmation link that s/he must click before being subscribed.

 Getresponse allows users to use either opt-in approach — So a thumbs up for Getresponse for being flexible on this.

Data capture and forms

There are two methods to apply forms in Getresponse — users can

either add an HTML form that you style yourself or design your layout in Getresponse (choosing from a decent range of templates and tweaking them to suit your site design).

Users can build both desktop and mobile versions and use a reasonable range of web fonts when styling them. Users can also allow a spambot-blocking CAPTCHA feature, which helps in preventing fake signups.

Data segmentation options

One of the useful features that Getresponse is how it enables users to send (or exclude) many data segments at once. 

For instance, say users have a mailing list in Getresponse that they can divide into four segments:

– Segment A

– Segment B

– Segment C

– Segment D

With Getresponse, it’s straightforward to convey messages to the segments A, B, and C all at once (you just tick three relevant checkboxes). Even users can also message segments B and C and exclude segment D.

Getresponse deliverability

The email deliverability rate is the % of e-newsletters sent to reach the subscribers’ inboxes favorably. It is a significant thing to note while choosing an email marketing tool.

Getresponse has a good deliverability rate. That boosts confidence as most emails you send using Getresponse will reach their designated recipients.

Moreover, Getresponse provides users the deliverability rate after every message on user email analytics.


As per the latest GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules, email marketing has become more complex because it has stricter rules about consent to get e-newsletters.

Getresponse has been commended for users to have precise information about their GDPR responsibilities and special GDPR domains to make it easier to get approval and comply with the regulations.

User-friendliness / interface

Getresponse is easier to use. Its interface has been redesigned recently. In Getresponse, users can simply do the basics like importing contacts, building campaigns, setting up autoresponders, and analyzing statistics. Specifically, segment management is excellent.


Getresponse provides one of the most comprehensive customer support available in the email marketing tools. They provide phone support besides live chat support, email support, and several online tutorials/resources.

Unhappily, the phone support has been discontinued now (except you’re using the enterprise level “Max” plan). Alternatively, users have to use live chat (24/7) or email support.

The email support given by Getresponse is accessible in 8 languages, which is excellent. These are English, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese.

Wrap up

After reading the comprehensive Getresponse review, you will get an idea of how Getresponse can become a great companion in your marketing tool as email marketing is significantly increasing its base.

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